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“This was my first experience selling and I must say I got really lucky with a random property
inquiry on Redfin. In no time at all Melinda called me and a couple days later stopped by to
assess my home. I went ahead and signed on the dotted line that same day.
She is super organized, friendly and very knowledgeable. Everyone knows buying or selling
a home can be an emotional roller coaster. Melinda made the entire process as smooth as
possible. I really appreciate her commitment to communication as well. No email or phone call
went unanswered and was always returned in a timely manner.
Now that I’ve closed on my sale, I’ll be looking to buy. Most definitely look forward to working
with Melinda for this next phase as well. Thanks, Melinda and Team. You guys ROCK”
– Kerri Sorenson

“Mel is a very smart, skilled agent who responded well to my questions and concerns. She
knows the market, and employs various methods to get the desired result. She is also levelheaded,
even when the situation gets stressful — something that I valued highly because we
were both buying and selling, and had a lot of balls in the air at the same time. Mel kept things
running smoothly.”
– Chris Fowler, Attorney at Law

“We spoke with several agents before listing with Melinda. I was fortunate to know her
personally, and now feel fortunate financially as well! The other agents we spoke with advised
us to list our home at about 25k less than what we ended up getting for it. That felt wrong to
me, and Melinda agreed. Under her advisement, we had multiple offers within 4 days of listing
at a higher asking price. She made excellent suggestions for sprucing up the property and
helped us choose the most cost-effective improvements. Because how can you say no to $25K
more than the others promised!!! Thanks Melinda!!”
– Dr. Vanessa Vandersande

“Melinda has been outstanding in her expertise and support. We were looking for the almost
impossible and she made it happen. We came under distress due to the banking crisis and
wanted to sell our condo. We hoped to find a single-family home, but thought it would be
impossible with the resources we had. Melinda is not only a very capable realtor with lots of
experience, but she seems to know all the right people necessary to assist with additional
information, may it be the termite company, handymen, etc. However, her knowledge in these
bordering areas that have to do with caring about a property are so extraordinary that she
often can answer many additional questions buyers and sellers might have. She also has a good
understanding of the fiscal issues involved in the selling and buying process and she can help
clients figure out what might be possible than I have seen other realtors fall silent over and act
desperate. She has been awesome and I will never work with anyone else again. Trust me, even
if this might sound to be slightly too good to be true; it is my genuine experience and I can only
recommend her wholeheartedly. Sellers and buyers will agree with me.”
– Aaron & Patricia Folman